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Amazon Customer Reviews for Smart Resume Products

“This tool allowed me to create a resume quickly using vital areas relevant to accounting and finance.  I was pleasantly surprised to get the additional worksheets; keywords and other included materials allowing me to easily customize my resume easily, finding the right words, terminology, or sentences.  I would definitely recommend to those in accounting and finance from entry to senior levels.” - Albert, S.
“Wow, this CD is easy to use and covers everything that I have done in my career as an IT Professional. Would highly recommend this CD to anyone who is looking to create a top notch resume.” - Sadhu, R.
 "The IT Consulting Resume product was easy to use and I was able to generate my resume quickly selecting from a variety of profession-specific resume content (phrases, keywords, job functions, accomplishments) that are relevant to my IT career. Thanks to Smart Resume Products for taking a process (resume writing) this is difficult and daunting and making it easy." - Robert, S. 

What Are Smart Resume Products?

Smart Resumes are Ready-to-Use, Profession-Specific Resumes created exclusively to help you land the job faster by keyword enabling your Resume to get screened-in for interviews by employers' hiring software.  You have probably submitted your resume to 100s of companies online, and wondered why you are not getting calls for interviews.  That is because the majority of (97%) top employers use applicant tracking software to screen and flag candidates for interviews.  Your resume is read by a software and not by a person.  If your resume does not contain the applicable job-specific keywords, you may never get calls for interviews because your resume didn’t make it to the recruiter's inbox.  It’s that simple.  Smart Resumes are products you can easily tweak to produce a substantial resume that is uniquely yours, jam packed with job specific-keywords to get online systems to flag you for interviews.  Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Our Smart Resume Products.


What is Hiring Software (Applicant Tracking System)?

Hiring Software or Applicant Tracking Systems are what most companies use to streamline their recruitment process, maintain talent polls of qualified candidates to reduce time to hire and minimize overall candidate sourcing and recruiting costs.  An applicant tracking system can accurately screen 1000s of resumes within minutes and deliver the best qualified resumes to recruiters based on pre-determined, job specific keywords.  It’s cheaper, faster and saves recruiters and hiring managers an enormous amount of time from having to read through stacks of email or paper resumes.  Moreover, it allows recruiters and hiring managers to access pre-qualified candidates right away to fill positions.  Hiring software is the way to the future when it comes to recruitment and candidate management for most companies—just ensure that you standout within these applicant tracking systems with a job-specific keywords resume.  How to get your resume screened-in for job interviews by top employers.


Why Smart Resume Products?

Simply put, Smart Resume Products developed the Applicant Tracking Software that is used by top employers today, including the federal government.  We have worked with hundreds of recruiters, hiring managers, HR executives and HR professionals over the years to assess and program thousands of job profiles (job-specific keywords, core competencies, etc.) to screen against incoming resumes (job applications) and pre-qualify candidates for interviews, electronically.  So, we know a think or two when it comes to building highly successful resume products across all professions and career fields.  Our resume products are developed by certified resume writers with extensive insider human resources and technology knowledge to get you into the doors of top employers—at a fraction of the cost of having your resume prepared by a professional resume writer.  Thousands of people have achieved outstanding results with our resume service and products.   What Do You Get When You Buy a Smart Pre-Written Resume?


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