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  • What Do Employers really look for on a Résumé?

    There are several sections to consider when preparing your résumé. However, the two most important sections employers look for on a résumé are accomplishments and job-specific responsibilities. In essence, these two sections together with your education make up your core experience—and that is what employers look for to determine whether to interview you or not for their job openings.

  • How to Get Your Resume Screened-In By Hiring Software

    Build your resume to get screened-in by employers' online hiring software.

    Did you know that almost all top companies today use hiring systems to screen and rank applicants’ resumes for interviews and subsequently hiring?  In most cases, your resume ranking within the software determines whether you get called for an interview or not. It is the hard truth, and reality today with most companies.

  • 100 Effective Ways to Start Your Career Objective

    An objective on your resume could be very effective in getting the employer immediate attention if you are targeting a specific, available job within the company.  We have provided you with 100 compelling ways to kick start your Career Objective. Select the one that is most appropriate to your job target and elaborate how your skills and experience can be utilized to benefit that particular position, department or area.

  • Planning to Find Your Next Job

    A strategic plan can help you find your ideal job much faster

    Getting hired into a meaningful position is much more than just applying to random jobs and taking the first available job that comes along.  It takes detail planning, self-assessment, research, development of the right marketing tools (resumes, letters, etc.) and the drive and perseverance to land your ideal job.  Follow the steps below to develop a strategic plan to kick start your job search and find the ideal job.

  • Know Thyself

    Know thyself through a thorough self-assessment of your skills, abilities and unique talents in order to effectively sell your product (YOU) benefits and features to your target markets...potential employers. 

  • Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Smart Resume Products

    Simply put—Smart Resume Products are designed to generate interviews with top employers, help you get the job much faster and advance your career.  Enjoy the tremendous benefits our Pre-Written, Keywords-based Products provide—professionally written resumes at a fraction of the cost with instant download for you to use right away.  You can either create a new resume or enhance your existing one in an hour or less.

  • What Do You Get When You Buy a Smart Pre-Written Resume?

    Each of our Smart Pre-Written Resume consists of five to seven pages in length to give you maximum flexibility and options to target a variety of positions within your career field with a compelling resume each time.  When you buy a resume product from us, you get a professionally written resume that is specific to your career field—a resume that is written by Certified Professional Resume Writers with over 20 years of experience...