Our Company Smart Resumes

Providing Smart Resume Products to help you get your next job faster and propel your career progress

Smart Resume Products was conceptualized and created to allow career-minded professionals, job seekers and employees of downsizing companies to benefit from the expertise of our talented resume writers and career coaches. We provide the foundation from which one could easily adapt the information in each resume product to create their own unique resume and cover letter—without incurring the cost of hiring a Professional Resume Writer. In creating Smart Resume Products, we have distilled thousands of job descriptions, including career-specific and industry-specific information to provide value added products. These products are designed to provide critical job function information, including terminologies, keywords and phrases to enable you to customize and generate resumes and letters that are keeping with today’s high quality resume writing standards and employers’ expectations.

Smart Resume Products resume and career experts are industry leaders and innovators in the field of Career Management and Resume Writing. Backed by over 20 years of substantiated Professional Resume Writing and Career Coaching expertise, the company’s groundbreaking Smart Resume Product Suite spans virtually every career field—from Technology, Business, IT Support, Engineering, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service, Software Development, Office Administration, Healthcare, Purchasing, Transportation, Manufacturing, Skilled Trades, Hospitality & Tourism to Retail.

Use Smart Resume Products with confidence. Follow the guidelines and make the insertions as indicated and you will be proud of the document, be it a resume or letter, that you are able to create—one that is very much reflective of your very own skills, experience, achievements and personal attributes. Moreover, you can quickly customize your resume to meet the specific requirements of the job you are applying for—without having to do any or much writing yourself. For these reasons, each of our products is a smart product — it literally writes for you.