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Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job

Monday 30 March, 2015

Interview Preparation

The best preparation for an interview is to know your resume thoroughly, as the majority of questions will be based on the information on your resume. Most importantly, you should prepare yourself psychologically. An interview should not be seen as an interrogation process. It is an opportunity. Your method of initial contact, your resume, has already impressed the potential employer so the odds are in your favour. Seize the opportunity by preparing for the interview. Know the employer needs (job competency requirements), the position you are interviewing for. Utilize visualization techniques whereby you focus on your past accomplishments and articulate how you can use your experience to benefit the employer. Dress appropriately; practice your handshake and behaviour patterns. Find out as much as you can about the company. Utilize our Career Resource Centre to conduct your research.

The Interview

The more you prepare, the higher your confidence level and the better chance of getting the job. Remember, failing to prepare is similar to preparing to fail. Offer your hand in a friendly but firm handshake during your first meeting with your interviewer. Introduce yourself by first and last name and follow the instructions provided. Do not sit until you are invited. When invited, thank the person by name and sit upright and attentively. Use the interview to your advantage. Ask questions such as the reason for the opening, responsibilities of the position, what are the challenges, how can you prepare if given the job, the overall objective of the company, etc. Ensure that you highlight your suitability for the position, drawing from previous experience and accomplishments to illustrate what benefit you can bring to the position and your work style and results-oriented attitude. Be careful to allow for interruptions from the interviewer and to get his/her opinion. At the end of the interview thank the interviewer for his or her time and express your interest in the position. Also ask what the next step is and include a quick concluding sentence on your suitability for the job.


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