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Planning to Find Your Next Job

Monday 30 March, 2015

A strategic plan can help you find your ideal job

Getting hired into a meaningful position is much more than just applying to random jobs and taking the first available job that comes along.  It takes detailed planning, self-assessment, research, development of the right marketing tools (resumes, letters, etc.) and the drive and perseverance to land your ideal job.  Follow the steps below to develop a strategic plan to kick start your job search and find the ideal job.

Career Planning
Planning, organizing and exploring career possibilities can generate highly productive outcomes. Having a strategy also differentiates between seeking a job and pursuing a career. Regardless of your background, a carefully orchestrated plan will enable you to surmount challenges and lead you to rewarding career opportunities. The following is a brief outline of areas Resume World's career and resume writing consultants discuss with clients in order to deliver a superior resume and value-added service.

Self-assessment is an important cornerstone for achieving success. Carefully evaluate your likes and dislikes. Some indication can be given by the types of activities you choose for fun, your hobbies and other areas of special interests.

Compiling Skills
Next is the assessment of your skills. These skills can be gathered from work, volunteer and other experiences. Also, evaluate your academic status and the resulting skills/knowledge.  When your assessment is complete, devise a plan that includes a particular focus on complementary enjoyment/skills patterns. If done properly, you will be surprised at the amount of skills that are suitable and applicable for careers within your field of interest.

Career Research
Finally, research the areas relating to your interests. You may find that you need to arm yourself with additional skills in the future to ensure your success. Make note of these for future growth, but be creative in utilizing existing skills to meet immediate needs.

Resume Development
Organize your experience and skill sets into a resume format that best suit your background experience and target markets. Tell potential employers what you have done and what you are capable of doing. List quantifiable results such as revenues you have generated, money or time you have saved previous employers. This shows how your abilities and talents can assist an organization. Your resume should clearly reflect your skills, experience, education and accomplishments to potential employers.

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