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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Smart Resume Products

Monday 30 March, 2015

Simply put—Smart Resume Products are designed to generate interviews with top employers, help you get the job much faster and advance your career.  Enjoy the tremendous benefits our Pre-Written, Keywords-based Products provide—professionally written resumes at a fraction of the cost with instant download for you to use right away.  You can either create a new resume or enhance your existing one in an hour or less.

1. Our Smart Resumes are not templates (you can get templates for free online or from, but rather, they are fully developed, compelling profession-specific (job function and/or role related) reverse chronological resumes for entry level job seekers to senior executives.

2. Smart Resume Products are Profession-Specific Resumes written by Certified Professional Resume Writers with more than 20 years of resume writing and career management experience—so you get professional expertise at amazing value.

3. Our Pre-Written Resumes are keywords-based.  Each Pre-Written Resume is designed to get you screened-in and ranked for interviews by online systems with a wide range of profession-specific keywords, job related terminologies, key skills phrases and industry buzz words built right into each bullet statement and throughout the resume.  Since most recruiters and hiring managers only review resumes that are selected by their online system based on keywords or job phrases searches, it is essential to ensure that your resume is keywords based.

4. Our Pre-Written Resumes are not general in scope; they are targeted, career-specific and results-oriented resumes created by professional resume writers.

5. Each Pre-Written Resume consists of five to seven pages in length so you can mix and match the content (cut and paste, modify or use as is) to generate a top notch resume that would impress just about any recruiter or hiring manager.

6. Each Pre-Written Resume contains the major components of an effective resume—a Professional Summary Section, a Job-Specific Keywords (Areas of Expertise) Section, a Job Responsibilities (Job Functions) Section, and a Related Accomplishments Section.

7. Using a Profession-Specific Pre-Written Resume, you can easily tailor your resume on the fly to meet the employer hiring needs (or the job requirements) with little or no writing required—because it is all done for you.

8. The Pre-Written Resume enables you to apply for many jobs within your field with a targeted resume each time.  Simply open the Product File and modify it and roll out a new version, again, again—in 60 minutes or less.

9. Each Pre-Written Resume Product incorporates resume writing best practices, industry standards and strategies set by Canada’s #1 Resume Writing Company—Resume World Inc.  So, you get exceptional value for your money.

10.  Save hundreds of dollars in professional resume writing fees and get results.


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