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What Do You Get When You Buy a Smart Pre-Written Resume?

Monday 30 March, 2015

Each of our Smart Pre-Written Resume consists of five to seven pages in length to give you maximum flexibility and options to target a variety of positions within your career field with a compelling resume each time.  When you buy a resume product from us, you get a professionally written keywords-based resume that is specific to your career field—a resume that is written by Certified Professional Resume Writers with over 20 years of experience.   Plus, you benefit from hundreds of hours of professional work involving market research, job description analysis, profession/industry-specific review, strategy development, content development, resume writing and formatting—all culminating into an outstanding, profession-specific resume product just for you.  Most importantly though, you get an amazing resume with the same level of professional expertise and quality at a fraction of the cost.

What’s included in Your Pre-Written Resume?

1.  5 to 7 pages of full scope, professionally written resume contents specific to your career field, industry or job target—enabling you to easily review, edit, change, delete and produce an outstanding resume in minutes 

2. A relevant Keywords (Areas of Expertise or Skills Set) Section for your particular profession or career field, e.g. Accounting and Finance

3. A Career Profile (Professional Summary) Section for your particular profession and/or career field

4. Results-oriented job responsibilities and job functions covering several positions with a profession, e.g. Accounting and Finance: Financial Management, Taxation, Cost Accounting, G/L, A/P, A/R, Bookkeeping

5. A Related Accomplishments Section containing accomplishments that would be important and relevant to your profession or a number of different positions within that profession

6. An additional Career Profiles Section so that you can mix and match and create targeted processional summaries to apply for many similar positions within your profession or career field

7. A completely formatted reverse chronological Resume in Microsoft Word

8. Profession Specific Cover Letter at 10% off